What’s it going to take to get the sorely-needed .45-caliber handgun in the US military’s arsenal? An act of Congress, maybe?

Well, apparently not.

According to, Congress has moved to block a new effort by the US Air Force to do what the US Army and US Special Operations Command have proven unable to do for several years: buy a .45-caliber handgun.

The story says:

"Congressional negotiators have put a hold on the U.S. Air Force’s plans
to replace the M9 9mm handgun so the Defense Department can consider
the possibility of a joint plan for upgrading or replacing pistols."

There was a joint plan to replace the M9. It was called the Joint Combat Pistol. It failed miserably in the hands of, at first, the army, and secondly, the Special Operations Command. The air force probably got fed up waiting for a joint program to take shape, so started its own procurement. Now, that’s blocked, too, in the name of "joint-ness", which is how we got into this mess to start with!!!


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