Contracts round-up: 4/17

Today, you can:

  1. Solve the US Air Force’s seven hardest problems, as long as you can do it for under $1 million each
  2. Make Big Brother a robot, give him a gun and shoot anything that moves (Oh yeah … and throw in a data link)
  3. Hear the army say "eat your heart out air force" as it buys 7 medium-altitude surveillance drones that they like to refer to as "Warrior Alphas", but look a whole lot like plain old I-GNATs.
  4. Learn that the term "high-speed" in the navy means 35 knots/hour
  5. Build a 209-inch long submarine, which, according to current naval shipbuilding rates, should cost roughly $1.2 billion. And, just like ASDS, it won’t work in the water either


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