Contracts Round-up: 4/26

Today, you can:

  1. Read a US Air Force memo that practically begs industry to not oppose a sole-source award to a Lockheed Martin supplier on the Joint Strike Fighter team
  2. Suddenly and unexpectedly transform the Predator family of unmanned aerial vehicles into SIGINT collection aircraft, a la the RQ-4B Global Hawk
  3. Make a fancy new tail to install on the Bell ARH-70 Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter, perhaps ensuring that at least one component of that aircraft actually works
  4. Become the 1,000th defense contractor to sell an aerial video surveillance system to the US military
  5. Displace the FLIR BriteStar II as the new primary sensor for the ARH-70 and the Extended-Range/Multi-Purpose UAV, assuming either program will continue to exist
  6. Put the ‘art’ back in ‘artillery’ as you design a next-generation howitzer that can keep up with those lighter, faster and — thus — more vulnerable infantry brigade combat teams
  7. Be an army official who has the gall to lease a limousine while soldiers in Baghdad are still waiting for up-armoured HMMWVs, then abruptly cancel your order in an attempt to save face
  8. Build the system that allows pilots to land on a carrier deck blindfolded and one with arm behind their back
  9. Add a data link and a GPS antenna to a Harpoon Block 1C, thereby allowing the navy to call it the Harpoon Block III


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