Conventional Wisdom (Part 4)

Bigfoot says:

I think the ability to hit any spot on the globe within minutes isgreat in theory. The problem, I think, is the decision cycle. StrikingHVTs under the circumstances described is a political and bureaucratic,not military problem. You might have actionable information, but by thetime anyone has actually decided to do anything, the target has longsince gone.


You can always have a B-1/2 loitering on station and have themflying shifts for several days while suits at the NSC pound desks andpontificate. It would be just as accurate a platform and recallable atthe last moment. (Recallable seems to be a big deal, particularlycivilians, probably because of movies like Dr. Strangelove and Fail Safe.)


Delivering the payload in a quick and efficient manner isn’t a problem–the length of the decision cycle is.

FYI: Dr. Strangelove references are always welcome on this blog. Thank you.

It’s a good point. Also, if we’re close enough to the target to know his or her precise location, chances are we might have other options to address the situation than a ballistic missile.



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  1. bigfoot 27 April, 2007 at 6:47 pm #

    Actually, the CSM may be recallable if the CRM-114 Discriminator isn’t damaged.

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