Bad Press for FCS

Government Executive, which has nurtured deservedly top-rank military journalists like James Kitfield, has published an unsusually one-sided critique of the Future Combat System program by relatively new-hire Greg Grant, who jumped to GovExec from Defense News last year.

To the FCS-uninitiated, Grant’s solid reporting will open their eyes to the genesis of a potentially deeply flawed program that is even now struggling for its life in this year’s budget debates on Capitol Hill. However, Grant sticks mostly to published literature for his research, so if you’re looking for any new insights on the program’s many ills you may be disappointed.

It surprises me that Grant found no room to directly quote Army or Boeing officials offering a defense of the program. I also know of many independent analysts who would speak to elements of the program that may be beneficial, but no such voice is presented in the form of direct quotes.

Still, it is an admirable piece of research and journalism. I hope Grant soon turns his sharp eye on other fiscal and strategic conundrums in the military’s acquisition backlog.


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