Contracts Round-up: 5/30

Today, you can:

  1. Find out the Afghan National Army has commandos
  2. Put in a bid for what’s got to be THE WORST JOB ON THE PLANET … hint: it involves driving trucks, riding in convoys and doing both in Iraq
  3. Take a standard 120mm projectile round for a tank, add a seeker and a booster rocket and (drum roll …) revolutionize tank warfare by allowing the tank gunner to shoot at targets he can’t see. (Score for using the terms "revolutionize" and "tank warfare" in the same sentence for the first time since, oh, say, the Yom Kippur War)
  4. Invent a system that can somehow detect a sniper before he can fire a shot … and, while you’re at it, help me find my keys


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One Response to Contracts Round-up: 5/30

  1. J. 1 June, 2007 at 8:57 am #

    Hmmmm… develop a 120mm round that can be fired at and hit targets beyond the gunner’s field of vision. I seem to remember something similar to that… what was it? Oh, yes – FIELD ARTILLERY. What maroons.

    Love the DARPA anti-sniper program. It’s insane, but continues their track record of asking for the impossible and then not worrying about actually providing results.

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