Murtha-Fest (Part 2)

It’s not too late so sign up for Murtha-Fest … er, I mean the Showcase for Commerce in Johnstown, Pa.

Murth-Fest (er, … I mean the Showcase — oh, whatever) is an annual extravangza for defense contractors to peddle their favorite prducts that for whatever reason, sadly, remain unfunded.

The host of Murtha-Fest is, of course, John Murtha, that generous benefactor of the defense industry. From his perch on the defense appropriations committee, the congressman can anonymously dispense millions on any defense project he likes. Not surprisingly, the heaviest hitters in the defense business are pleased to de-camp to Murtha’s power base in Cambria County every year for a little show-and-tell.

I’ve discussed Murtha-Fest before here.

I’ve also presented a respectable defense of the anonymous earmarks process, as told to me by none other than Rep. Ike Skelton. Read that here.

Please make up your own mind. Or, if you have a free weekend on 1-2 June, go up to Cambria County to see the Murtha-Fest spectacle for yourself.


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