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New fad: IR countermeasures

It used to be that only two US defense companies made infrared countermeasures for jamming shoulder-fired surface to air missiles: Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems, and both relied heavily upon the same systems supplier — Selex. That was back when the only targets for MANPADS were military aircraft and the only shooters anybody worried about […]

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The “Top 10″ of Big Defense

Ever wonder who US defense industry lobbyists like to spend their hard-earned PAC money on? Well, now you can find out. I’ve spent the last few hours researching PAC spending so far this year by the seven largest US defense companies (Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Raytheon, L-3 Communications and BAE Systems), which […]

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The 787 Before/After

Here is the original 7E7 artist’s concept when Boeing launched the program on April 26, 2004: And this is an image of Boeing’s first actual 787-8 Dreamliner. Quite a difference, no?

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KC-X Flashback at 787 Roll-out

On the shuttle bus to the pre-rollout media reception for the 787 in Everett, Washington, on Saturday night, myself and a busload of mostly foreign aerospace journalists were suddenly transported back to the bad old days of Darleen Druyun, KC-767 tanker leases and John McCain. There, before our eyes, stood the forlorn shape of the […]

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JCA puzzler #4

Raytheon says it is protesting losing the Joint Cargo Aircraft contract for three reasons: a) the joint program office rated performance equally between the two competitors b) Raytheon’s C-295 procurement price tag beat L-3′s C-27J acquisition cost by 15% c) and lifecycle costs were not factored into the joint program office’s evaluation B and C […]

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Is Doonesbury in Lockheed’s pocket?

Is the comic strip Doonesbury really just a front for anti-Chinook propaganda? Could Lockheed Martin or Sikorsky have planted a punch line in Saturday’s comic strip that just happens to be rhetorical landmine in the ongoing controversy over the selection of the HH-47 for the CSAR-X contract? The answer is: Of course not! But the […]

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