Spotted: Raytheon’s Anti-Northrop Grumman Radar (RANGR)

A nice person from Raytheon handed me a brochure this morning on the company’s AESA fighter radars. I usually file such documents straight into the wastebasket, but this one got my attention.

You can look it up here.

On page 2, you’ll find a silhouette of an F-16 with a radar pictured in the nose called the RANGR.

Presumably, this means it’s the Raytheon Anti-Northrop Grumman Radar. (Or, perhaps Raytheon Active Next Generation Radar, but that’s no fun.)

This must be Raytheon’s ticket for exporting AESA on F-16s, including in the upcoming competition in India for a multi-role fighter. It’s also presumably a candidate for other single-engine fighters, such as the Gripen and the A-50. I’ll keep my eye on this one.

And I probably won’t fill my trash can with marketing brochures so quickly any more.


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One Response to Spotted: Raytheon’s Anti-Northrop Grumman Radar (RANGR)

  1. denis 19 July, 2007 at 4:54 pm #

    this one is excellent Stephen!

    I think the swedish AESA is called “NORA” , which stands for “Not-Only-A-Radar”.
    Maybe it will finally end up standing for :
    “NOt-a-Raytheon-Antena” or
    “Northrop Over Raytheon Allways” or even
    “Nordic Only Radar …Assholes!”


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