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The Best Headlines of 2017

Last week, I asked you to come up with the top five military aviation headlines of the year for 2017. If even a few of these (mostly) plausible predictions come true, we are all in for a very interesting decade in the defense business. Thanks to my many contributors for … well, contributing. Here’s the […]

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Prop-erty of France

Thanks to my sharp-eyed, French-speaking colleague Aimee Turner, we now know that Connecticut-based Hamilton Sundstrand has moved its entire propeller business off-shore — and to France, of all places. Perhaps not surprisingly, you won’t find a press release announcing the outsourcing move that affects about 100 US jobs on Hamilton’s web site. Flight magazine’s Aimee […]

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Flashback: the original US Air Force acquisition scandal

Ike Eisenhower got it wrong when he called it the “military-industrial complex”. It’s really the military-industrial-and-congressional complex, and each component plays an equal part in the long history of flubs and scandals involving the process of developing and buying weapons. At least, that’s the message of a book I just finished called “The C-5A Scandal”, […]

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Power failure

We knew that this contract award (see second item) last Friday looked like bad news for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), but it turned out to be even worse than we thought. To cut to the chase, the contract was awarded because the F-35C’s power generator was mistakenly designed to offer only two-thirds of […]

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This press release will change your life

This press release issued yesterday may not look like much, but it announces a new project that — and I’ll word this carefully to avoid drifting into hyperbole — could forever change the world as we know it. I’ll explain: Gallium Nitride is a semiconductor material that can transform that cell phone in your pocket […]

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With the roar of F-22s circling in the skies over Langley Air Force Base, the Air Combat Command celebrated the arrival of the first combat-ready A-10 that — four years and $500 million later — can drop a smart bomb. While the precision weapon revolution swept over the rest of the US fighter fleet from […]

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SETP rules

My vote for best professional organization in the defense/aerospace industry: the Society of Experimental Test Pilots. And it’s not just because they can get Neil Armstrong (Neil Armstrong!!!) to come to their annual symposium in Disneyland next month and brief attendees like me on the lunar vehicle test program (although, honestly, how do you top […]

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October racing

I know this is primarily a defense industry blog, but I can’t help it: this 787 vs A380 race is going to be a hoot, folks. Yesterday, Singapore Airlines confirmed finally that it will operate the first flight of the A380 superjumbo on October 25. The 787 first flight was supposed to be August, then […]

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New contest: Name the top 5 military aviation headlines of 2017

This contest is inspired by a similar question posed to Richard Aboulafia on Flightblogger. The challenge: name the top 5 military aviation headlines of 2017. If you’d rather not post your name, feel free to email me with your contributions at To get the ball rolling, here’s my Top 5: 1. Airbus named Alabama’s […]

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Acronyms that will never be contest: Everyone wins!

Judging my “Acronyms That Will Never Be (ATWNB)” contest is hard. I feel a little like the source selection board for the KC-X tanker contract: I know any pick I make is sure to be challenged and, perhaps, over-turned on appeal. (At least John McCain isn’t breathing down my neck – yet.) So I’m going […]

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