The Best Headlines of 2017

Last week, I asked you to come up with the top five military aviation headlines of the year for 2017.

If even a few of these (mostly) plausible predictions come true, we are all in for a very interesting decade in the defense business. Thanks to my many contributors for … well, contributing.

Here’s the full list so far, but please keep the ideas coming.

Posted by HerkEng
1. USAF Still looking for someone to re wing the C-130Hs
2. USAF looking for foreign buyers of its unused C-130Js
3.KC-30 names the most disappointing AF Purchase in 60 years.
4.Boeing B-52H re-engined and still going strong for another 40 years.
5. Final C-17 retired.

Posted by Glenn:
1. V-22 fleet grounded again due to premature stress cracking
2. New Marine One finally reaches IOC
3. Nation’s air traffic control system near collapse after failure of $35 billion overhaul; air taxi services grind to a halt
4. F-35 STOVL variant cancelled; standard F-35 unit cost spirals past $100 million as Air Force seeks bids for F-16 re-engine program
5. B-1 finally retired; B-52 soldiers on

Posted by Robot Economist:
1. USAF finally declares tactical laser ‘a dud,’ cancels research program.
2. Army will keep Apache, Chinook another 20 years; Predator, A-10 to join Army fleet.
3. U.S. commits all 91 F-22s to Taiwan Strait crisis.

Posted Hillarie Clintons:
1. Mexico announces the selection of Lockheed for border security contract.
2. China forgives most of the U.S. debt in exchange for technology rights of secret satellites.
3. Boeing exploring ways to divest itself of the shipbuilding operations of its Northrop Grumman subsidiary.
4. EADS announces they plan to “fully” cooperate in the Tanker investigation that has led to doubling of the cost estimates and delayed deliveries.
5. Top secret documents released today revealed that stealth technology stemmed from alien wreckage discovered in New Mexico.

Posted by Ran Barton:
1. Unmanned KC-767′s enable unmanned biofuel B-52s to stay airborne for a week. Next up: aerial rearmament
2. USAF prepares test flight of EF-22G across international dateline
3. North Koreans Protest Continued JASDF F-22J Overflights
4. Northrop Prepares 6th and final B-2C “Spirit of Puerto Rico” for USAF delivery
5. GAO chides Airbus for inadequate risk reduction in its KC-350XWB program

2 Responses to The Best Headlines of 2017

  1. Paul Richfield 5 September, 2007 at 4:31 pm #

    Best headline of 2017

    Morphing VLJ wins BAMS contract

  2. Homer Simpson 12 May, 2010 at 11:02 pm #

    1.Chinese military intervention in the African country of Mali has created a world wide crisis that threatens to escalate through out the region.
    2. Congress approves funding for production of the net generational global strike aircraft.
    3. The Air Force requests funding for more gen.4 aircraft to replace current gen.4 aircraft in inventory.F35 production is canceled due to projected short falls in performance against new Chinese and Russian aircraft.
    4. The United States has sent a ready brigade of the 82nd airborne to reinforce the army of Mali,as they fight off a Chinese military invasion of their country.
    5.The Chinese military launched a invasion of Afghanistan. The Chinese news agency stated that China will defend its borders from current fighting spilling over into China from Afghanistan.

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