What the heck do I know?

Even though some dumb jerk recently predicted a Boeing victory, the US Navy has selected the Northrop Grumman X-47B for the $635 million prize of the UCAS-D contract. Gee, I bet that guy feels silly now.

Pardon me a moment to wipe some egg off my keyboard.

That’s better. Anyway, the end result is a good indicator that Northrop’s long-term relationship with the US Navy on the unmanned combat air systems program in all its many guises simply overwhelmed Boeing’s chances. Boeing’s X-45B was the air force’s baby, and now appears to be an orphan.

The challenge now for Northrop is to keep the program sold both to the navy and the Congress. But that can wait until tomorrow. Today is for Northrop’s victory lap, and for my turn to eat crow.
“Niiiiice cockpit” Source: DARPA

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