A380 is a contender for Air Force One (and, no, I’m not insane)

Click here to read my story this morning about the USAF’s interest in the A380 as an Air Force One and C-5 replacement.

I started chasing this story after Boeing told me they expect the US Air Force to replace the 20-year-old Air Force One fleet in the next few years.

As implausible as the A380′s candidacy seemed to me at the time, I also knew that the USAF is no longer in a position to sole-source contracts for Boeing commercial aircraft.

I also realized that the President will eventually be flying an Italian-British helicopter, and I remembered how deeply implausible that seemed only three years ago.

So it seemed clear that the only two real competitors to replace the 747-200 are the 747-8 and, of course, the A380. It was just a matter of confirming that the air force was actually interested.

I know some people will tell me this is completely absurd: The President will never fly an A380!

I wouldn’t be so bold as to declare otherwise, but I may meekly suggest that strangers things have happened in air force acquisition recently. Okay, maybe not this strange.


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2 Responses to A380 is a contender for Air Force One (and, no, I’m not insane)

  1. Royce 17 October, 2007 at 4:31 pm #

    It seems possible, but are we going to buy this because the president needs the extra size, or just because it’s the biggest aircraft available?

  2. HerkEng 17 October, 2007 at 8:20 pm #

    “US Navy also may face similar pressure to replace the E-4 Looking Glass airborne command post.”

    The E-4B is not the Looking glass and is not a Navy run aircraft

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