Ares starts the belated debate about cyberspace

Who cares if the US Air Force prefers to call cyberspace a “domain”, as in a new battlespace on par with air, land and sea?

It’s not an insignificant question, and cheers to Bettina Chavanne at the Ares blog for enlightening us with an email from an anonymous US Air Force officer who’s not afraid to commit the professional military sin of doctrinal heresy.

The USAF position that cyberspace must be defended like national territory is worthy of a robust debate, and Bettina’s post is as good a place as any to start the conversation. Here’s an excerpt, but go read the full email:

“There are a number of real issues that need to be addressed. Should you use the armed forces to respond to one computer hacker in Canada or China? What is the threshold for national interest? Are coordinated attacks on networks worthy of armed forces retaliation?”


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