Did Northrop Grumman give South Carolina ‘the Byrd’?

Let the record show that I have nothing against Bridgeport, West Virginia.

I’m sure many defense contractors would make Bridgeport home even if outspoken and powerful Senator Robert Byrd was not a key member the defense appropriations committee. Never underestimate the industrial appeal of the plainly-but-aptly nicknamed “Mountain State”.

So I’m not surprised that the Northrop Grumman/EADS North America KC-30 team would choose Bridgeport to build a very sophisticated refuelling boom, if they win the $40 billion KC-X contract. The announcement was released at 9 am.

But I am a little surprised because Northrop told me in an on the record interview four weeks ago that they had selected Colombia, South Carolina — not Bridgeport. After the interview, they asked me to keep that quiet until it was announced, and I complied because — frankly — it wasn’t an important news story for my purposes anyway.

We may never find out what happened during the intervening four weeks that caused Northrop and EADS to de-select Colombia and make Bridgeport the proud home of a refuelling boom manufacturing facillity.

But it sure does make me curious.

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