Good read: WashPost on illicit arms trade to Iran, China

Earlier this year, ITT became the first major US defence company to plead guilty to knowingly export weapons technology illegally to China.

The guess here is ITT won’t be the last.

Go to the Washington Post this morning for a great read on this topic, but here’s an excerpt.

Some of the most audacious cases involve Iran. Through reverse engineering, Iranian engineers have produced only about 15 percent of the parts needed for the F-4, F-5 and F-14 warplanes — made famous in Tom Cruise’s 1986 “Top Gun” — that have been the mainstay of Iran’s air force since the days of its monarchy, U.S. law enforcement officials say. Tehran has also been trying to acquire parts for Boeing 707s, Lockheed C-130 transports, and Cobra, Chinook and Sikorsky helicopters, they say.

This month, Abraham Trujillo and David Wayne were charged in Utah with attempting to export F-4 and F-14 parts to Canada that were ultimately destined for Iran. Last month, Dutch-based Aviation Services International was charged in Washington, D.C. with illegally exporting U.S. aerospace-grade aluminum and 290 aircraft-related components to Tehran. And in July, the founder of Vash International Inc. was charged in New York with illicitly exporting F-5 and F-14 parts.


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