Smile, Mr. Fulghum: HPMs go public!

Somewhere in the DC metro area, Aviation Week’s star reporter David Fulghum must be smiling.

I’ve known David for six years, and I can’t recall once making it through a press conference where he didn’t ask about high powered microwaves or directed energy weapons. Alas, it seemed he was at least five years ahead of the time for open source dicussion on this most sensitive of military hardware topics.

But no more.

The air force has officially released a request for information to industry for high powered microwave payloads “for use as a Counter Electronics payload that would not cause physical damage to buildings or harm to humans”. The RFI seeks technologies that have reached at least the prototype stage of development, meaning the air force may want to get this capability in the field pretty fast.


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One Response to Smile, Mr. Fulghum: HPMs go public!

  1. david fulghum 3 October, 2007 at 5:07 pm #

    Steve, thanks for you patience with my quest for HPM. They’re going to have to hurry to beat some the Navy initiatives. The EA-18G Growler and Block 2 F/A-18F folks already have a funding request in the budget for the first electronic attack capabilities for their AESA radars. They use the techniques generator and pipe it through the AESA to give more range and power to produce — at ranges farther than a missile can reach — those things that will drive enemy electronics crazy and cause their computer memories to get confused.

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