The McCaffrey Memo: Download and Comments

I’ve decided to upload the McCaffrey memo as great comments keep coming in from Sunday night’s post on this blog.

Download the document here: Download file

And here’s some of those great comments.

Steeljaw Scribe wrote:

Interesting juxtaposition between this memo of “imperatives” and the discussions going on here and here over the newly released Maritime Strategy.

The former reads as little more than an enhanced shopping list whilst commentaries on the latter bemoan (among other things)the fact that force structure was “punted” down the road…

J. wrote:

I’ll grant him the points on C17 airlift and the F22 IF the Air Force drops the C5 modernization funds and the F35 development, as well as starting to phase out the F15/F18 varients. Disagree on the UAVs, the Army should retain tactical UAVs – can’t count on the AF priorities. As far as supporting the AF Airborne Laser, HA! It’s reaching too far with immature technology, it needs to go.

B.Smitty wrote:

The Air Force needs a “volume” tactical aircraft. Right now, that aircraft is the F-16. They want the F-35 to take its place.

We can’t just cancel the F-35 without finding a “volume” replacement.

Posted by B.Smitty | October 23, 2007 2:41 AM

HerkEng wrote:

This sounds like something Carlo Kopp would be writing…if he were in the US

Lugo wrote:

Calling the F-22 “long range” is simply fatuous.


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2 Responses to The McCaffrey Memo: Download and Comments

  1. Mike 29 October, 2007 at 5:26 am #

    Thanks for posting the memo in it’s entirety. I’ve gotta agree with SJS on the shopping list aspect of it, which I think points to some larger issues that the Air Force is facing regarding strategy as a whole. Take the little problem Ike Skelton had with the testimony of Secretary Wynne and CSAF Moseley during the “strategic imperative” hearings where they did nothing but talk about budget issues. I’ve got some related thoughts regarding the memo and this other stuff here:

  2. International tv online 23 January, 2010 at 4:37 am #

    people could somebody re-upload again? Just not mediafire that always crashes on me :( . Thanks for the download!!

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