Today’s must-read on KC-X

Michel Merluzeau and the folks at G2 Solutions today break down the KC-X competition as thoroughly as possible without charging you a consulting fee.

Their verdict for the KC-X winner: split buy.

Here’s a snippet, but go read G2′s full report here:

Read the signs: what is the best way for the Air Force to avoid a costly, time consuming, emotionally charged and at the end of the day entirely wasteful protest? Split buy.

And this:

IF NGC-EADS wins tanker or even a small portion of it, then Mobile is a go. KC-30s will be assembled there and it is likely that the 330Fs will soon follow. This location thus becomes sustainable for a minimum of ten years, more with orders from the US based package carriers. This would give ample time to Airbus to design a utilization strategy for the facility based around either cargo markets or its new narrowbody aircraft scheduled for production between 2015-2020.

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