US Army disses NFL lineman

Trolling the US military’s contract solicitations is always a fun diversion for readers with a taste for irony.

Take the US army’s solicitation yesterday (click here) for a NFL tour group to shake hands and sign autographs for the troops in Afghanistan.

The contract requires the vendor to deliver three active or recently retired NFL players, who must have played three seasons at any of the following “key” positions: quarterback, running back, kicker, defensive safety, defensive linebacker, or wide receiver.

NFL lineman, consider yourselves dissed. Even the kicker outranks you.

5 Responses to US Army disses NFL lineman

  1. Nicholas Weaver 13 December, 2007 at 4:41 pm #

    Which is doubly ironic, because the left offensive tackle is often the most highly paid and critical player on the team, with an entire book about this evolution

    (“The Blind Side”, )

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