POGO uncovers scary IG report

Internal auditors for the US Department of Defense could not conclude that UK-based BAE Systems properly shielded information and technology secrets about the Lockheed Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF).
The uncertainty of the DOD inspector general’s (IG) findings was not the result of any specific lapse by BAE’s US-based subsidiary.
Rather, the IG audit faulted an inadequate process used by DOD’s investigative agency – the Defense Security Service (DSS).
The IG audit found, for example, that BAE’s internal reports identified more security weaknesses than DSS’s own investigators found in a series of annual reviews.
Making matters worse, the DSS never checked the contractor’s internal security reports, so the investigators were unaware of the additional potential security weaknesses.
BAE Systems released a statement on 30 April, saying the IG audit “explicitly found no instances of unauthorized access to classified or export control information on the JSF program. We strongly disagree with the IG’s suggestion that nonetheless, such information may have been compromised in some unidentified way by unauthorized access at BAE Systems.”
The internal IG audit, dated 6 March, was obtained by the Project on Government Oversight.
The IG audit team first reviewed and cleared seven requests by the F-35 programme’s two major suppliers – BAE and Northrop Grumman — for export control licenses. The IG then widened the investigation to include security procedures at BAE’s US facilities.
BAE is the largest, foreign-owned contractor for DOD.


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  1. ELP 3 May, 2008 at 2:50 am #

    I predicted some time ago there was a report like this out there somewhere. Why? Because there was a similar report from a couple years ago on the control of unclass/IP/ info …..

    (FOIA) which is good reading.


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