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Oops! Will the US Air Force lose Joint STARS?

I believe I have seen the future replacement for the E-8C Joint STARS fleet (shown pictured), and it’s not going to be a US Air Force aircraft.The US Navy is preparing to replace the EP-3E ARIES II, an electronic intelligence aircraft, with a new-start acquisition program called EPX.But the navy’s requirements for EPX call for […]

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Watch B-2 crash

Thanks to the US Air Force for posting video. To find out what caused this crash, read this story.

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Italian NH90 crashes in split-S manuever mishap

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The Wrong George?

A Bell Helicopter employee has send me a brilliant comeback on my series of posts that elected his employer the “George Costanza” of the defense industry. THE WRONG GEORGE?Sorry Stephen, I never found the time or desire to watch “Seinfeld”.  I am an avid fan however of old Jimmy Stewart movies.  I especially likeFrank Capra’s […]

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Growler Day

A Boeing bus will transport me and other journalists this morning from a plush hotel in downtown Seattle to Naval Air Station Whidbey Island. In a drizzly ceremony, we will witness Secretary of the Navy Don Winter accept the delivery of the first EA-18G Growler to the USN’s fleet readiness squadron.This would be a fairly […]

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