After ouster, Wynne calls for split tanker buy

Some (ie, G2 Solutions) have viewed this compromise proposal as inevitable for a long time, and now even ousted Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne agrees with them.

Kudos to my pal Michael Sirak at the Air Force Association’s Daily Report for the good scoop. Read his full article here, but here’s an excerpt:

Awarding contracts both to Boeingand Northrop Grumman and having each build new tanker aircraft for theAir Force at a rate of about 15 per year makes sense and should beconsidered as the way ahead to resolve the KC-X tanker program’scurrent legal impasse, former Air Force Secretary Michael Wynne toldthe Daily Report yesterday.

“I think a split buy right now is something that we have to examine,” Wynne, who stepped downas USAF’s top civilian on June 20, said during a sit-down interview.”This is an opportunity to resolve a very tense political issue andstill maintain competition.”

If he only he had listened to folks like Jacques Gansler, a former Pentagon acquisition executive, and G2′s Michel Merluzeau. Both came out for a split buy nearly a year ago. Here’s what Merluzeau wrote in November 2007:

Read the signs: what is the best way for the Air Force to avoid acostly, time consuming, emotionally charged and at the end of the dayentirely wasteful protest? Split buy.

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