Farnborough log: Day 2

1444: Bowman makes interesting — and potentially significant — point: former C-17 pilot is now a chief of staff of the USAF.

1437: Bowman: still several countries interested in buying 2 to 4 C-17s. Qatar is mentioned for first time.

1417: Now at Boeing briefing. Subject is C-17 humanitarian role. Speaker is Dave Bowman, who also happens to be Boeing’s new tanker mgr.

1359: No news on F-16. I pressed Larson on Israeli toxic cockpit issue, but he didn’t bite. Some talk about AESA upgrades, but nothing firm.

1316: Now attending LockMart F-16 briefing. John Larson, VP, is speaking.

1214: Just interviewed Paul Meyer, Northrop Grumman’s tanker VP. Asked about split-buy solution, but received non-answer.

1117: Nothing at Russian exhibit about T-50 or PAK-FA. Rats!

1104: Just picked up a brochure for the Mil Mi-34 UAV, which vaguely resembles Fire Scout … Er, but Russian.

1050: Allof the trash cans at the show carry ads for the Bombardier CSeries. Hmmm …

1014: Dueto unfortunate schedule mix-up, I have a free hour to roam the exhibit floor.

1020: Newinsight: Sikorsky sees X-2 high-speed helo as possible SpecOps Little Birdreplacement in 5 years.

0944: Justtalked corporate strategy w/Chris Chadwick, president of Boeing militaryaircraft. My takeaway: tough times ahead for Boeing!


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  1. Royce 21 July, 2008 at 11:14 am #

    Regarding Chadwick seeing tough times ahead for military aircraft, can you flesh that out a little? Is just a budget issue, or is he talking strictly about Boeing’s prospects in that market?

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