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Sneak-peek at Flight’s latest cutaway: EA-18G

I’m proud to show off the latest of Flight’s famous aircraft cutaway drawings by our staff artist, Joe Picarella. The full-scale poster of the Boeing EA-18G can be found in the Farnborough Air Show special report in this week’s issue. John Croft’s excellent technical description that accompanies Joe’s drawing is a must-read. Since it borrows […]

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Foreign Service: F-35 tackles pricing issue for foreign buyers

Buying F-35 Joint Strike Fighters isno longer a purely academic question for potential foreign buyers. TheUK and the Netherlands signed orders earlier this year for flight testaircraft, and Italy is expected to follow soon. As the foreign customers start lining up, a whole new clarity is being brought to the issue of the F-35′s price tag. […]

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The DEW Line gets a new look this week

This blog is about to receive a completely new look later this week. Flight’s crackerjack blog producers — Disco Stu and Andrea, take a bow — have already rolled out the new look on a few of our other blogs, including FlightBlogger and Learmount. This week, it’s The DEW Line’s turn for the timely design […]

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Dog impersonates USAF acquisition process

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Assemble your own F-35

View image Have you ever wanted to know what it takes to fully assembly a stealth fighter?In case you have, I’ve got the file for you. The image above is a snapshot from a manufacturing sequence flow chart sent to me yesterday by Lockheed Martin, after it was approved for release by the US government.A […]

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