Ranking Lockheed Martin executive salaries

The Washington Post today posted their annual listing of metropolitan area executive salaries. It’s not quite accurate to say anybody on a list of million dollar salaries is a “loser”, but Lockheed’s executive team are definitely “winners”.

Lockheed placed six executives on the DC region’s top 100 list, as reported by TWP. That number included the highest paid executive overall (Bob Stevens) and even one Lockheed executive (Robert Coutts) who officially retired last September. Coutts was supposed to be retained through April 2008 as a special adviser to Stevens, which may explain the discrepancy.

Here’s how they ranked:

By Salary:

1.         RobertStevens             CEO                $1,627,500    

20.       Robert B.Coutts          EVP                 $891,346         

22.       Christopher Kubasik    EVP-ES           $837,019             

39.       Ralph D.Heath             EVP-Aero        $646,346        

51.       Joanne M.Maguire       EVP-Space      $558,077         

57.       Linda R.Gooden          EVP-IS&GS      $519,711         

By total compensation:

1.         Robert Stevens           CEO                  $25,962,696

27.       Robert B.Coutts         EVP                  $6,805,270

29.       Ralph D.Heath            EVP-Aero          $6,303,092

31.       ChristopherKubasik    EVP-ES             $5,938,754

45.       Linda R.Gooden          EVP-IS&GS       $4,272,666

58.       Joanne M.Maguire      EVP-Space        $3,585,559


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2 Responses to Ranking Lockheed Martin executive salaries

  1. Crocodyl 31 July, 2008 at 11:30 pm #

    Crocodyl has a good company profile on Lockheed Martin that has a lot of relevant information about its history of contract abuse and lobbying expenditures:


  2. Stephen Trimble 1 August, 2008 at 12:13 am #

    I’m not too impressed by the data on this site. It misses all the big scandals!

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