Sneak-peek at Flight’s latest cutaway: EA-18G

I’m proud to show off the latest of Flight’s famous aircraft cutaway drawings by our staff artist, Joe Picarella. The full-scale poster of the Boeing EA-18G can be found in the Farnborough Air Show special report in this week’s issue. John Croft’s excellent technical description that accompanies Joe’s drawing is a must-read.

Since it borrows the airframe of the F/A-18F and the electronic warfare system of the most advanced EA-6B Prowlers, the real innovation in the EA-18G is not readily visible.

The nifty way that Boeing/Northrop Grumman split the ALQ-218 wideband receiver into two pieces and installed them on the wingtips is interesting.

Less apparent is the engineering work that allowed the two-seat Growler to contain all of the electronics, cooling and wiring required for the four-seat Prowler, but some of that effort can be glimpsed for the first time in this poster.

Click on the image to see a larger view.

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One Response to Sneak-peek at Flight’s latest cutaway: EA-18G

  1. 8 August, 2008 at 4:58 am #

    another great cutaway from you guys. Thank you. I will also order the poster.

    I just want to kindly ask if you could fing another way to stick the folded poster to the magazine because the glue being used actually degrades and damages the magzine. It always ends up tearing up the page. Glues used in other publications do not do that.

    Kind regards

    Is the poster for the F-35 coming up?

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