AFA 08: AFSOC lists modernization priorities

Apologies for the fuzzy picture. General Wurster, chief of AFSOC, strangely asked people to not take pictures during his presentation. We were in a public forum, but I was a little nervous about snapping a quick picture with air force special forces surrounding me.

Anyway, Wurster explained AFSOC’s modernization priorities. So here they are:

1. Replace 37 MC-130s. Wurster said they would all be replaced with the C-130J, but USAF has told me there could be a competition.

2. Accelerate plan to acquire all 50 CV-22s by 2017.

3. Acquire 16 C-27Js in next 6 or 7 years.

4. Improve theater mobility. AFSOC now operates 19 U-28s and leases four Dash-8s.

5. Fully develop Predator/Reaper capability.


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One Response to AFA 08: AFSOC lists modernization priorities

  1. HerkEng 22 September, 2008 at 1:44 pm #

    Have they fixed the problem of the props delaminating while operating in the dirt? If not, then the transition from C-130J to MC-130J will be a tough one for AFSOC. While I was still in AFSOC, we were talking about a nice mix. Almost like a J-light or a new built MC-130X(Or AMP) Like a J model with the older 54H60 Propeller and a full J for the Shadow mission where the dirt is not its primary mission.

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