AFA 08: C-17 production now endless?

Boeing is offering to deliver the C-17B in 2016, if someone decides they want to order it, said Jean Chamberlain, Boeing C-17 program manager.

However, that order would depend on continuous C-17A production surviving through 2015.

Boeing is on contract now to deliver 190 C-17As through 2009, and will likely receive funds in October to deliver 15 more in 2010.

That leaves a 5-year gap from 2011-2015: the gap that must be filled.

Boeing forecasts a foreign market for 12-15 C-17As over the next 5 years.

That leaves the USAF facing a potential bill to buy 48 – 60 more C-17As, depending on annual production rates, to avoid the C-17B-killing gap.


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