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More on C-17 survival as Kabuki theater

Here’s how the Boeing C-17 will somehow continue to survive next year despite no US Air Force funding request and no funds provided by Congress’s appropriators. Yesterday, a congressional conference committee authorized the USAF to buy six C-17s for $2.1 billion in 2009. That helps provide the legal cover for inserting funds to buy up […]

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PICTURE: Meet Raytheon/Boeing’s candidate to replace HELLFIRE

Pictured below is Raytheon/Boeing team’s baby for winning the Joint Air to Ground Missile (JAGM) contract. Both the Raytheon/Boeing team and Lockheed Martin are fighting to win the contract, but it promises to be a tough challenge no matter who wins. The Army and Navy not only want a weapon that can replace the AGM-114 […]

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F-22′s fate gets dumped on next president’s lap

Senate-House authorizers passed a defense policy bill today that could keep F-22 production going one more year through 2010, but also attached a big condition: Most of the money can’t be spent until the next president’s staff decides that buying more F-22s “would be in the best interests of the nation”. Lockheed is now on […]

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The DEW Line podcast with IAG: F-35 vs Gripen, C-130XL vs A400M

The DEW Line and Addison Schonland, of the Innovation Analysis Group in San Diego, teamed up this week for a podcast discussion about the Saab Gripen’s recent inroads in F-35 Joint Strike Fighter territory in Northern Europe, as well as the C-130XL debate.Listen to the podcast here. I also recommend checking out the Ares blog […]

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Comic relief: Spoof USAF ad

You gotta love YouTube! (Tip: MW)

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Introducing the USAF’s airborne networking future

An extraordinary briefing slide from Northrop Grumman’s press conference on the B-2 at AFA last week has perhaps inadvertently tipped me off to the US Air Force’s new airborne networking strategy. [Click on the picture below to see a larger image.] This slide about the B-2′s networking roadmap offers the first detailed glimpse I’ve seen […]

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Is there a vast (Hornet wing?) conspiracy against F-35? Maj Gen Davis thinks so!

Maj Gen Charles Davis has famously accused Boeing of spreading “lies and half-truths” about the F-35, the program he happens to own. Now, Davis also thinks the Aussies and the Center for Defense Information may be on a (larger, perhaps) conspiracy to thwart a pending batch of contract signings. I am reminded of an old […]

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PICTURE: Meet the C-130XL

Thanks to Lockheed Martin for releasing the first concept drawing of the wider, larger C-130XL. This concept is still in the realm of a “study”. A go-ahead decision is not necessary for at least a couple of years. The overall goal is to increase the C-130′s maximum cargo limit to about 65,000lbs, depending of the […]

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Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy and the C-5A’s last stand

For the past five years, the Lockheed Martin C-5A’s survival as an operational fleet has depended mainly on political intervention from two US senators — Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy. Biden, now the Democrats’ nominee for vice president, hosts the 436th Military Airlift Wing, which includes a composite C-5A/B squadron, in his home state of […]

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Video: Cartoon B-52 zaps SAM radars

The Core Component Jammer (CCJ) could be the next big thing inelectronic warfare. Mounted on the wings of a B-52s, these jamming podswould wipe out enemy radar tracking from hundreds of miles away,clearing the airspace for air-to-ground strikes by fighters, bombersand, possibly, UAVs.This assumes, of course, that the CCJ will survive the US Air Force’sbyzantine […]

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