RAND clubs Aussie press reports on JSF

Australian press reports about the Lockheed Martin F-35 getting “clubbed like a baby seal” in a classified analysis of a wargame by the RAND Corp. has clearly got the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program worried. First, the F-35′s leadership duo — Maj Gen Charles Davis and Lockheed executive Tom Burbage — called an impromptu press conference last week to publicly question the motives of the program’s critics. Now, RAND itself has jumped into the fray. Here’s RAND’s statement issued earlier today:

“Recently, articles have appeared in the Australian presswith assertions regarding a war game in which analysts from the RANDCorporation were involved.  Those reportsare not accurate.  RANDdid not present any analysis at the war game relating to the performance of theF-35 Joint Strike Fighter, nor did the game attempt detailed adjudication ofair-to-air combat.  Neither the game northe assessments by RAND in support of the gameundertook any comparison of the fighting qualities of particular fighteraircraft.”


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