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Leaked F-22 brief raises question: Did the USAF break the law? yesterday posted an internal Lockheed Martin presentation that could get the US Air Force into yet more legal trouble, albeit for alleged actions possibly committed almost a decade ago. Several statements in the alleged Lockheed presentation may indicate USAF leaders in the late-1990s spent taxpayer money to pursue exporting the F-22 stealth fighter to […]

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Report: MADL wins race for DOD’s data link race for stealth jets

I guess it’s “so long, so wrong” for Rockwell Collins’ once-heralded Tactical Targeting Network Technology (TTNT)’s subscription-only service reports this afternoon that the Pentagon has selected the Harris Multifunction Advanced Data Link (MADL) for both the F-22A and the F-35. Several years of debate over the future wideband networking systems for stealth jets appears to […]

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Rafale in Switzerland

The Rafale vs. Gripen NG competition is heating up in Switzerland. Swiss spotters have been having a field day with the Rafale’s 30-day evaluation near Lucerne. Check out some lovely Rafale pics at the Swiss Aviation Photography Forum (Hat tip: G2 Solutions). Click on the jump for more.

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Something that works in military acquisition: aircraft survivability equipment

It’s hard to believe today how low aircraft survivability equipment — for helicopters, especially — ranked on the Pentagon’s funding priority list in 2002.Back then, ATK’s AAR-47 UV-based jam-head was grossly underfunded, the US Army robbed funds for producing a fully-developed, second-generation common missile warning system (CMWS), and no one dared to dream of moving […]

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Bell Helicopter lays off 500 workers

This is officially linked to ARH-70, but this is the secondmajor layoff by a defense contractor in the last two months. BAE Systems alsoclosed a factory in Alabama,laying off nearly 200 people. Not quite yet a trend, but it’s heading there. Stay tuned for more details. Here’s Bell’s press release — Officials at Bell Helicopter […]

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Coast Guard finally moves on after Eagle Eye misadventure

In the end, even the US Coast Guard’s professional lifesavers couldn’t save the Bell TR918 Eagle Eye. After spending a decade adrift in the high-seas of marketing failure, the Eagle Eye was dropped a rescue hoist by the USCG’s Deepwater program in 2002. But, for all their efforts, the USCG was just keeping a terminal […]

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Financial crisis claims first arms deals victim

In recent weeks, Israel and Australia have reportedly talked about delaying F-35 purchases in the wake of the global financial crisis. But it’s only been talk.Today, the financial crisis claimed its first major international arms deal when Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawin announced suspending a roughly $650 million contract for Eurocopter EC725s.That […]

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Marine Corps Aviation’s hard, ambitious road ahead

The excellent Worldwide War Pigs blog today forecasts the challenges awaiting the US Marine Corps’ scheduled entry-into-service for the F-35B in 2012, or up to two years before Lockheed Martin has finished testing it. With such an early IOC and SDD still in progress, this means that therewill be a lot of “mistake jets”. Where […]

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Russian love letter to Sarah Palin

This blog is named after the famed (if ill-fated) US/Canadian arctic radar screen, guarding against the threat of a Soviet bomber invasion over the polar ice cap. In that sense, I think it’s very appropriate and in no way politically incorrect to show you a Russian love letter to Sarah Palin that contains the lyric: […]

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Bomb-bomb-bomb bomb-bomb Iran: The conference

I s it just me, or does organizing a conference to discuss ways to protect US and coalition aircraft from Iranian surface to air missiles seem a little — well, you know — presumptuous?You can never to be too prepared, I suppose. So, if you happen to own a secret-level security clearance, it’s not too […]

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