Israel, Australia reports link F-35, economic crisis

I’m really scratching my head over this one.

When I saw this article in the Jerusalem Post saying Israel may buy fewer F-35s because of the economic crisis, I quickly dismissed the report as bizarre innuendo.

Then comes a report today in the Canberra Times with almost the same message, but involving Australia’s senior military commander, who happens to be a noted friend of the F-35 program.

Air Chief Marshal Angus Houston told the AustralianInstitute of Management leadership seminar yesterday that the US financialsituation would be a litmus test for future Australian defence spending.

”Ifthe crisis continues the way it’s going in the United States, it willdefinitely have an effect on the amount of equipment that is produced in theindustries in the United States,” he said. ”We might see, for example, areduction in the production line of the Joint Strike Fighter … at this stagewe don’t know.”

The Rudd Government had planned to buy 100 F-35 Joint StrikeFighters, or four squadrons, next year. The Chief of Defence Staff acknowledgedthe crisis could also hamper other defence projects.


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One Response to Israel, Australia reports link F-35, economic crisis

  1. ELP 21 October, 2008 at 10:17 pm #

    After the economic meltdown, the Australian dollar isn’t worth much. Look at the exchange rate: U.S. Dollars to Australian Dollars. That real fact has hit Defence when it considers buys of huge defense gear.

    Australia also just sunk 10 billion into the economic system to help buffer economic woes. As you may know, Australia is a country with just a little over 21 million people.

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