M346 naming contest continues

My suggestion, the M346 MmmBop, has apparently not overwhelmed the readers, so I’m looking out for others.

My Flight co-workers have suggested The Italian Stallion and Rocky.

A former Flight co-worker has contributed the Tweet Too.

But the real prize goes to Teal Group analyst Richard Aboulafia, who is sort of an aerospace-specific Richard Pryor. He has proposed a Top Ten:

10.  Berlusconi (he’d be flattered)

9. YAIT (Yet Another Italian Trainer)

8. AeroVespa

7.  Hawk–sure, it’s taken,, but did BAE get a copyright?

6.  Jet Squalus (believe it or not, someone named their trainer that years ago, but it’s dead) 5.  AMX Lite

4.  The Green, Earth-Friendly Eco-Trainer.  That’s Green.


2.  Mario

1.  Fred


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