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GWOT costs USAF 65 airframes so far

Air Force magazine’s Michael Sirak today posts an interesting tally of USAF airframe losses since Sept 11, 2001. The count includes seven aircraft shot down or lost in direct combat and another 58 lost in “contingency” operations. The manned contingency loss breakdown is: one A-10A, two B-1Bs, oneB-2A, one C-5B, one C-130H, one F-15E, four […]

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Analyzing Friday’s poll: Moderates rule

The readers have spoken. We have more than 200 votes, and the results show that the mood is pro-moderation. Given the option to go all-in or all-out for F-22s, F-35s or 6th-gen, most of you think the US Air Force will take the middle road: a few more F-22s paid for by a few less […]

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Underwater sub’s trash tube can also launch UAVs

Raytheon announced today that they will demonstrate launching a UAV from an underwater submarine. When I called the company to ask, “How?”, they sent me this very helpful graphic. The full explanation is on the jump, but basically the UAV goes out the trash tube in a canister, floats to the surface and launches. The […]

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Friday poll: How to solve the USAF Fighter gap

This is The DEW Line’s first poll and we’re starting it with a double. I want to know what you think the USAF leadership WILL do, and, secondly, what you think they SHOULD do. What do you think US Air Force leaders will decide to do about the “fighter gap”, regardless of your personal views? […]

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Infamous JSF report precedes “abrupt departure” for RAND analyst

The author of a leaked Rand report concluding in a non-peer-reviewed section that the F-35 “can’t turn, can’t climb, can’t run” has apparently left the think-tank. (Read the report here. I obtained a copy of the report a few weeks after it had been leaked to the Australian press.) Dennis Jensen, an Australian lawmaker, former […]

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Defense Daily: Obama adviser backs dual-buy strategy for KC-X

Emilie Rutherford at Defense Daily talked to former DOD acquisition chief Paul Kaminiski — now a Senator Barack Obama adviser — about the KC-X contract. She reports this evening on the subscription-only Defense Daily web site: An adviser to Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.)said the concept of a dual buy for the Air […]

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F-35 sneaks in new schedule slip?

I’ve written before that trying to keep track of F-35 milestones is like playing whack-a-mole. It’s not that I’m blaming Lockheed Martin or the joint program office for intentionally obfuscating. It’s just the inherent complexity of a program with milestones spread across three variants and nine development partners. It gets confusing.But one fixed date that […]

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EW makes a comeback — again

Six years after the airborne electronic attack system of systems (AEA SOS) concept really got started — and nearly three years after most of that grandiose strategy fell apart — electronic warfare (EW) is back on the drawing boards. The first draft of a new investment strategy based on a capabilities-based assessment now in progress […]

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USAF makes “minor” amendment to CSAR-X RFP, sees “minor” delay for contract award

This just arrived in my Inbox. I have requested further clarification from the US Air Force, but, while we wait, here’s the USAF’s statement. Air Force Plans to Issue Amendment to CSAR-X RFPThe Air Force’s Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Ms. Sue Payton, directed the Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR-X) program staff to issue a minor […]

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Finally! A USAF acronym related to The Rolling Stones

The US Air Force has come up with a acronym: JAGR.It’s appears for the first time I’m aware of in a Lockheed Martin press release issued this morning about the extended-range version of the Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM). The flighttest objectives were to validate new hardware and software in the Extended Range […]

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