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Brazil catches 5th-gen fighter bug

Brazil has been very clear that the F-X2 contract is not just about buying fighters. It’s also about rebuilding the country’s once-proud defense industry, which has severely atrophied since its heydey in the 1980s. And apparently they mean business. We learn in the English-language version of the downselect earlier this week that Brasilia’s objective is […]

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Sight-unseen, USAF extends Boeing’s C-130 laser cannon project

Boeing is still a few wee ks a way from proving whether an experimental laser cannon mounted on an AC-130 gunship actually works, but it need not worry. The US Air Force secured the advanced tactical laser’s short-term future earlier this week by signing a $30 million check, paying Boeing to participate in a three-year […]

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Mach 6 HyFly wants to make 3X the charm

The first test in September 2007 was mostly scratched by a software glitch unrelated to the engine. The second test in January 2008 was mostly a failure because of a fuel system malfunction, also unrelated to the engine. For the HyFly program, it was the worst possible outcome: two tests and still no data to […]

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Brazil fighter buyers reject SU-35, Typhoon and F-16

Three of the six bidders who responded in July to Brazil’s tender for at least 36 (and possibly 120) multi-role fighters will advance to the final round of the competition. The Brazilian Air Force announced the three teams advancing today (warning: Portugese language link — use Google translator): Boeing F/A-18E/F, Dassault Rafale and Saab Gripen. […]

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Read Alabama Aircraft’s lawsuit against USAF

The US Court of Federal Claims has not posted the decision on the Alabama Aircraft Industries case. But you can read the substance of the original complaint filed by Alabama Aircraft on July 25.

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Another US Air Force tanker contract over-turned

Alabama Aircraft Industries, formerly Pemco, has just announced that the KC-135 program depot maintenance contract has been overturned by the US Court of Federal Claims. Alabama Aircraft has been fighting the US Air Force ever since Boeing won the contract more than a year ago. The company lost its protest to the Government Accountability Office, […]

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