USAF thinks 6th-gen fighters, ‘ground-based’ air dominance

Inside the Air Force (subscribers only) reports today from the Air Armament Summit in Florida:

Air CombatCommand Director of Requirements Maj. Gen. Mark Matthews said sixth-generationplanes are on the service’s radar.

“What ourfolks have already begun with are informal discussions [with] think tanks, withpeople in industry, about what their thoughts and their concepts are for thenext generation of air dominance,” he said. “What I’ve asked my people to goback and look at . . . is to look at other concepts for executing airdominance, not just fixed-wing aircraft.”

Airdominance, the two-star said, could include cyber effects, directed energy orground-based systems.


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One Response to USAF thinks 6th-gen fighters, ‘ground-based’ air dominance

  1. ELP 12 October, 2008 at 10:46 am #

    Then Gen. Mark Matthew’s alarm clock woke him up out of his dream and back into a reality of the pauper USAF with several monstrous aircraft recapitalization problems facing it.

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