A clue in the search for the YouTube pilot’s identity

Thanks to Chi’s comment on this blog, I was able to find the web site advertising the meeting where the anonymous YouTube pilot gave his now infamous Red Flag lecture.

Here’s the online notice advertising the 24 September meeting of the Daedalians and the Thunderbird Chapter of AFA. Here’s the link back to the site, but gaining access could be tricky. (I ended up having to google the URL, click on the cached page and play with the username/password box a few times. I’m actually not quite sure how I got it to work, so good luck.)

Monthly Meeting - 9/17/2008 6:45:54 PM

Fellow Daedalians,

The upcoming weeks will offer several events at Nellis AFBif you are interested. I have included some event notes below but first, let metell you about the September 24 meeting.

We are joining with the Thunderbird Chapter of AFA to host aUSAF Warfare Centerpanel to discuss “The Future Fight”. After our dinner of Londonbroil, Brig Gen Hoog will introduce the panel members, who then will discusshow the Warfare Center is preparing for the future fighttoday. After a short presentation, they will open the floor up for questionsand answers. It should be a very informative presentation that you will notwant to miss.

RSVP’s for this event will be especially important to ensurethe proper dining room set-up with our local AFA chapter, so please let me knowif you are planning on attending.


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