A November revolution at MiG/Sukhoi

Multiple Russian sources are reporting an earth-rattling shake-up at the top leadership ranks of legendary aerospace powerhouses MiG and Sukhoi.

Sukhoi General Director Mikhail Pogosyan will get the top job also at deeply indebted MiG, Vladimir Karnozov reports at Flight. Karnozov told me later that Pogosyan was seen on MiG’s premesis on Thursday chairing a working meeting.

The move could allow Pogosyan to oversee a joint Sukhoi/MiG effort to develop and produce a fifth-generation fighter — the PAK FA. Of course, he’ll have to start by digging MiG out of its $2 billion hole of debt, a condition aggravated by a lost MiG-29 sale to Algeria over workmanship complaints.Here’s Vladimir’s story on FlightGlobal.com:

Russia’s United Aircraft (OAK)is to create a single combat aircraft division by merging its RSK MiGand Sukhoi units under the leadership of Sukhoi boss Mikhail Pogosyan.

Todate, OAK’s combat aircraft strategy has tasked MiG with development oflight fighters including the MiG-35 and unmanned aircraft, along withmodernisaton of in-service MiGs, while Sukhoi has been developing theSu-35 and PAK FA fighters.

In 10 years as head of Sukhoi,Pogosyan has ditched several programmes to concentrate on what hecalled “real breakthrough” projects such as the all-new Superjet 100 regional jet.A key Pogosyan achievement has been to bring Western risk-sharingsuppliers into the Superjet effort, including Snecma, Liebherr, Thalesand B/E Aerospace, along with Alenia, which is Sukhoi’s 50/50 jointventure partner in the marketing and sales organisation, SuperjetInternational.


RSKMiG, on the other hand, never recovered from the crisis that hitRussian aerospace following the collapse of the Soviet Union. MiG-29shave sold in small quantities since then, thanks largely to the hugeparts stock built up during the Soviet era. It has been able to certifythe MiG-29SMT/UBT and MiG-31BM, and has flown Indian navy MiG-29K/KUBsand MiG-35s.

An encouraging Algerian order for 34 MiG-29SMT/UBTsturned sour when the country sought to return 15 of the aircraft,delivered in 2007, claiming poor manufacturing quality.


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