F-35′s AA-1 preps for supersonic flight later today

If all goes well, the AA-1 prototype will break the sound barrier for the first time later today.

It would be the first supersonic flight for the Joint Strike Fighter program since Lockheed Martin’s famed “Mission X” in 2001, which may have clinched the competition. Mission X had the STOVL X-35C complete a short-takeoff roll, accelerate to supersonic speed and land vertically.

The key word for today’s milestone event is “planned”. We’ll know if Lockheed’s test team in Fort Worth achieved their goal later this afternoon.

AA-1 rolled out nearly two years ago, so this event has been long in coming.

(Video tip: USSRman45)


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  1. Lightndattic 13 November, 2008 at 8:36 pm #

    Steve, It was the X-35B that was the STOVL version after being converted from the A model.

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