Finally … Honeywell names the MAV

This is a rule: If you build an aircraft, you have a solemn duty to give it a cool name.

For several years, Honeywell has disobeyed this rule, producing a ducted-fan unmanned aircraft named, drearily, the Micro Air Vehicle (MAV). [Insert wrong answer buzzer sound here.] Sorry, that’s not a name. That’s a category.

Honeywell today has finally corrected that scandalous deficiency, announcing indirectly in a press release about receiving a new US Navy production contract that the MAV has been named the “T-Hawk”.

Well, thank you for playing! But what, may I ask, is a “T-Hawk”? Let me guess: is it short for “Tactical Hawk”? Or, perhaps, something Rumsfeld-retro: the “Transformational Hawk?”

I asked Honeywell, and the answer is neither. The “T” is short for Tarantula. The Tarantula Hawk is the state insect of New Mexico, where the MAV was created, and it bears a passing resemblance to the ducted-fan UAV itself, according to Honeywell.

But I’ll let you be the judge. The insect is on the left. The MAV is on the right.



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