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Su-30MKI beats pants off of F-22 … so there!

In light of the infamous Red Flag YouTube video, has asked web visitors to rank the best fighter. So far, it’s not even close. The SU-30MKI is favored over the F-22 by a  roughly 60-40 margin, with 1,800 votes tallied as of Tuesday morning. (The F-15 also gets about 4% of the vote.)Come on, […]

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USAF seeks the McDonald’s French Fry of bombs

The US Air Force’s bombs come in roughly six sizes — the mini (250lb) SDB, and small (500lb), medium (1,000) and large (2,000lb) JDAMs. There’s also the extra-large (15,000lb) Daisy Cutter and super-size (20,000lbs) MOAB.One of the key frustrations in modern combat is that you’ll only have a “small” 500-pounder available when you really need […]

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Airpower experts enter the merge in F-35 dogfight debate

Two academic studies based on the infamous Rand airpower analysis are out today. Both illuminate both sides of the polarized debate about the F-35′s relevance as a future warfighting tool. According to these analyses, the F-35 is either the vanguard of a new way of fighting air battles or a woefully underachieving dog of a […]

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Army starts re-competition for armed reconnaissance helicopter

Here we go again. The US Army has issued a “sources sought” notice for the Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter contract stripped last month from the Bell 407 (nee ARH-70) programme. The Army may procure up to 512 new Armed ReconnaissanceHelicopters with the capability to perform a Hover out of Ground Effect(HOGE) at 6,000 ft/95 degrees Fahrenheit […]

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Aussie TV tackles Rand’s JSF report

RAND’s Pacific Vision report posted here last month is the subject of a report by Australian TV’s ABC Lateline. It’s nice to see mainstream media attempting to tackle such an important airpower issue seriously and objectively. I found Lateline’s story to be admirably well-balanced, if you watch it all the way through.

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YouTube pilot identified

Inside the Air Force has picked up this statement from Nellis AFB Public Affairs: The YouTube videos “IAF SU-30 MKI Red Flag Lecture Part 1& Part 2″ were of Colonel Terrence Fornof, an F-15 pilot and the Directorof the Requirements and Testing office at the United States Air Force WarfareCenter, Nellis AFB, Nev., giving a […]

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A clue in the search for the YouTube pilot’s identity

Thanks to Chi’s comment on this blog, I was able to find the web site advertising the meeting where the anonymous YouTube pilot gave his now infamous Red Flag lecture.Here’s the online notice advertising the 24 September meeting of the Daedalians and the Thunderbird Chapter of AFA. Here’s the link back to the site, but […]

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Dispatch from Zhuhai: China’s J-10 fighter is the real deal

Blog contributor Vladimir Karnozov, a Moscow-based aerospace journalist, visited the Zhuhai air show this week, and files this sobering report about the new J-10 fighter. ZHUHAI — There is anold anecdote. The optimists around the world learn English. The pessimists,Chinese. But down-to-earth study the Kalashnikov assault rifle. I think itis time for the down-to-earth crowd […]

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SU-30 vs F-22 fighter demo video

The USAF pilot in the videos posted below talks about an interesting YouTube clip that shows the F-22 and SU-30 air show demos side-by-side. I found it. (Hat tip: Bharat Rakshak)

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Red Flag and SU-30MKI: the Podcast

If you want to hear me talk about the blog entry I posted below, check out my podcast with the IAG blog’s Addison Schonland earlier today. I also recommend Dave Fulghum’s follow-up item on the Ares blog, and especially the comments section.

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