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USAF pilot describes IAF Su-30MKI performance at Red Flag-08

An unnamed US Air Force officer, who is obviously a Nellis F-15 pilot, lectures an audience with incredible details about the Indian Air Force Su-30MKI performance at Red Flag 2008. Both videos were posted yesterday on YouTube by an anonymous contributor, who identifies himself only as an Australian (God bless ‘em!). If you have any […]

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Okay, now what?

Bill Sweetman over at the Ares blog asks the by far the most appropriate question this morning. Who will President-elect Barack Obama select to be the next Secretary of Defense?  Certainly, the successive tenures of Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates have left no doubt about the huge implications of such a choice. We know (because […]

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Google’s US election map

While attending the F-15SG roll-out in St. Louis yesterday, I was surprised that the Chinese reporter I met in the press area wanted to ask — very persistently — only my thoughts about the election. I doubt I gave him any good insights, but maybe he’s checking out my blog right now. This map’s for […]

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Finally … Honeywell names the MAV

This is a rule: If you build an aircraft, you have a solemn duty to give it a cool name.For several years, Honeywell has disobeyed this rule, producing a ducted-fan unmanned aircraft named, drearily, the Micro Air Vehicle (MAV). [Insert wrong answer buzzer sound here.] Sorry, that’s not a name. That’s a category.Honeywell today has […]

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Obama vs. McCain: The view from Boeing

The defense industry doesn’t seem outwardly worried about which candidate and which party wins the election. The issue came up yesterday during a mini-press conference with Boeing Military Aircraft President Chris Chadwick. Here’s what he thinks: TRIMBLE: Inthe FY09 budget, it was set in a bill that wasn’t necessarily an appropriationsbill, and some people said […]

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Boeing dramatically changes tune on C-17 future

My visit to Boeing’s St. Louis manufacturing hub for the F-15SG roll-out yesterday also included a mini-press conference with Chris Chadwick, president of Boeing Military Aircraft. Chadwick said several interesting things, but the most newsy involved his statements about the C-17.Boeing’s C-17 production line dies in 2010 unless it gets a new order next year. Boeing […]

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VIDEO: F-15SG roll-out ceremony

I was in St. Louis yesterday to cover the F-15SG roll-out ceremony. This is the new version of the F-15E designed for the Singapore Air Force, featuring the APG-63(V)3 active electronically scanned array (AESA) and infrared search and track (IRST). The reportedly Israeli electronic warfare gear, mounted on the tail-exhaust booms, are conveniently hidden from […]

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F-35: now available as star attraction at corporate parties

Dubbed simply “the jet fighter”, this scaled replica of the F-35 by Dutch entertainer/music artist Arthur van Poppel probably won’t be summoned to defend the Taiwan Straits. But it won’t need to. With features including smoke-, water- and confetti-effects, this party-horse will be good for all kinds of other events. For example, van Poppel suggests […]

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Japan sacks air force chief who blames Roosevelt for Pearl Harbor

What’s going on with the heads of mighty world air forces lately? The chief of Japan’s air self-defense forces, General Toshio Tamogami, was fired on Friday because he won — of all things — an essay contest with a 3 million yen (about US$30,500) prize sponsored by a rich Japanese real estate developer. Actually, winning […]

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