Progress on next major UAV contract

Looks like the long-awaited competition is about to start for the small tactical UAS (STUAS)/Tier II contract. (Just as the USMC was ready to get started back in August 2007, the USN decided to get involved and delayed the program.)

A new acquisition notice says a draft RFP is coming (no timetable given), and it will have two big changes.

The new RFP will include a Statement of Objectives (SOO) vice aStatement of Work (SOW) and a Performance-based Specification (P-Spec)vice a System Specification. Additionally, the competition requirementswill include both a written proposal and a flight demonstration period.

If you’re in the UAV business, STUAS/Tier II and the US Air Force’s nebulous next-generation UAS requirement will be the only sources of new business in the US for several years, so expect a pretty robust competition.


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