KC-767J damaged in emergency landing

The first of two KC-767Js delivered by Boeing to Japan sustained damaged in an emergency landing on Friday.

A very bad Google translation of the Japan military’s statement on the incident reads like this:

Now KC-767 aerial refueling aircraft for anemergency landing


Problemsoccurred in mid-air refueling KC-767 transport plane No. 602, went down today,16 remain at the refueling boom in the state of Gifu Air Self-Defense Forcehave landed on the airport.

At the sametime as the plane stopped for refueling boom near the tip of an ignition 4 pm 1minute emergency escape all the crew, fire engines and fire-fighting operations4 pm 3 minutes to complete extinguishing. The occupant is not unusual.

At present,and no damage to outsiders is a design that is being reviewed for details.

Here’s a slightlymore helpful statement released by Boeing in English:

On FridayDecember 12 a Japan air self defense forces KC-767J aerial refueling tankerbased on Komaki Air Base, Japan, made an emergency landing at Gifu Air Base,Japan. It’s our understanding there ere no injuries. The Japan Ministry ofDefense has released a statement with details of the incident. We’re standingby ready to assist the JASDF when called upon. For any additional details andinformation, please contact the Japan MOD or JASDF.

Stay tuned for more details.

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  1. Scott 15 December, 2008 at 8:44 pm #

    To paraphrase the Japanese news release: The refuelling boom wouldn’t retract so they had to land with it down. There were some sparks from the tip of the boom on landing but the fire was quickly extinguished. There appears to be no external damage to the aircraft but checks are continuing. There were no injuries to the personnel.

    There’s a pic with the following article:

  2. Peter Ford 25 January, 2011 at 10:49 am #

    On a slightly related topic.
    I read on FlightGlobal recently that Marshalls at Cambridge had delivered the first glass cockpit TriStar upgrade aircraft to the RAF. It has not reached Brize yet!!
    In fact this aircraft will be scrapped for spares after 2+ years and a few £millions of taxpayers money.
    It would be difficult to assimilate this ‘one off’ into RAF use. No simulator or crewtaining aids, dedicated crews due unable to two type due cockpit changes.
    And more importantly the MOD have realised that any further conversions would be delivered later than the A330 AirTanker that is to replace it.!!

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