McCaffrey’s own military-industrial complex

Great read yesterday morning in the New York Times, which bashes Gen Barry McCaffrey for deploying his retired-four-star clout in the service of his own pocketbook.

One Man’s Military-Industrial-Media Complex

Through seven years of war an exclusive club has quietly flourishedat the intersection of network news and wartime commerce. Its members,mostly retired generals, have had a foot in both camps as influentialnetwork military analysts and defense industry rainmakers. It is adeeply opaque world, a place of privileged access to senior governmentofficials, where war commentary can fit hand in glove with undisclosedcommercial interests and network executives are sometimes oblivious topossible conflicts of interest.

Few illustrate the submerged complexities of this world better than Barry McCaffrey.

Check out McCaffrey’s after-action report I obtained and posted on this blog last October. Extraordinarily, this retired mechanized infantry commander recommended buying more than 600 C-17s, 350 F-22s and a next-generation bomber fleet.

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