Professor: Fighter jets can make hurricanes go away

Giving new meaning to the phrase air-to-air combat, a University of Akron professor thinks supersonic jet fighters may be able to “destroy” tropical storms, such as hurricanes and typhoons.

And by “hurricanes” and “typhoons”, I mean the weather phenomenons, not the British/European fighter jets.

According to my corporate cousins at New Scientist magazine, Dr. Arkadii Leonov filed a patent application earlier this year proposing that two F-4s flying at Mach 1.5 can make a hurricane disappear. (His example using F-4s seems arbitrary. For poetic reasons, I’d recommend using the Typhoon or Rafale — French for “squall” — instead.)

New Scientist writes:

In a patent application, Leonov and colleagues say that they can puta spanner in the atmospheric works by flying supersonic jet aircraft inconcentric circles around a hurricane’s eye, the calm area around whichthe storm rotates.

Theidea is that the sonic-boom shockwave would dramatically raise airpressure in the eye, disrupting the upward flow of warm air that drivesthe hurricane.

Read the full patent application here.


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4 Responses to Professor: Fighter jets can make hurricanes go away

  1. alloycowboy 3 December, 2008 at 6:25 pm #

    Okay, that just sounds nuts!He should have used the F-22 as they can at least super cruise. Flying round and round in the eye of a huricane with F-4′s at supersonic speeds probably means the pilots will we swimming home when the planes run out of gas.

  2. SonofSooner 3 December, 2008 at 9:21 pm #

    This sounds like the professor “borrowed”
    the science of NASCAR legend Darrell Waltrip.

    DW’s “Vortex” theory states that the wake vortex
    caused by 43 stock cars running around the track
    can actually prevent raindrops from forming on a
    otherwise dry track :-)

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