Unbuilt A-12 still on trial

The Seattle P-I’s James Wallace has a great write-up this morning on the ongoing litigation over the A-12, the carrier-based stealth bomber that then-Defense secretary Dick Cheney canceled in 1991. The best part of the story is this exchange between lawyers and judges in a DC courtroom last week.

Last week the A-12 arguments played out in a federal appeals courtfor the second time. It was the same court that reversed the earlierjudgment in favor of Boeing and General Dynamics.

Boeing lawyer Charles Cooper told the court that the Navy had nobasis for declaring the companies had defaulted on the contractbecause, before the contract was canceled, the Navy had agreed toextend the terms of the original contract without setting a newdelivery schedule, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

“You don’t default by failure to make progress or failure to makeinterim milestones,” Cooper argued before the three-judge panel.

“Changing the initial contract terms doesn’t give you forever,” Judge Kimberly Moore of the appeals court told the lawyers.


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  1. SMSgt Mac 14 December, 2008 at 3:39 am #

    Those lines are good

    A bit of trivia and background if you’re interested. RAND has a wonderful book on 50 years of fighter procurement and the A-12 debacle gets covered well. I’m pretty sure you can download it from them for free if you are a mind to.

    The sole mockup was sitting out in the open rotting at the North end of the Lockmart plant in Fort Worth and it is in pretty bad shape. I think it is an important piece of infamous history and am sure someone would like to preserve it. Google Earth it at 32 47′ 11.65 “N and 97 26′ 51.43″ W. The outer wing panels are off and at first blush it looks like a baseball home plate

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