Breaking: Bush’s DARPA chief announces “it’s over”

Eight-year DARPA Director Tony Tether announced his relatively unexpected resignation by email today. As his widely distributed note suggests, Tether also believed the conventional wisdom that he would remain in office until his successor arrived.

It appears that Tether doesn’t appreciate how he was informed. Here’s the email:

Subject: The Time to Go has Been Settled.

As you know, I had said that I was asked to stay on at DARPA until replaced.

It turns out that that was not the case.

I was informed last week that the Administration had decided that I was to leave now with February 20th as a two week notice.

So it’s over.

But it has been a good ride and we have many, perhaps thousands, of technology developments most of which are yet to come, but also many which are out being used saving our Soldiers lives yet making them far more effective than the adversaries they face.

I want you to know that I am proud of all of you, current and past, and will never forget what you have done.

Once I know what I am doing, I will let you know.

God bless all of you, and most of all, God Bless America.



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2 Responses to Breaking: Bush’s DARPA chief announces “it’s over”

  1. DARPA Challenged 10 February, 2009 at 1:11 am #

    Tony was a micro-managing control freak. While DARPA has done amazing things, his treatment of DARPA Grand Challenge teams that were not among an esteemed inner circle, was horrible.

    Good riddance. He was nothing but uncaring with how tax payer money was spent to satisfy his personal whims.

  2. brianeshen 12 February, 2009 at 12:14 am #

    This country owes Dr. Tony Tether a debt of gratitude for his selfless service. This man gave everything to his government service, DARPA, and the men and women that serve this great country.

    Dr. Tether was personnally behind the success of thousands of technologies that will make this country stronger and many translate into commercial applications to grow U.S. jobs.

    Sure he was a micromanager–by his admittance a “nano-manager” –PHD humor. His appetite for details led to informed decisions one does not see from many government or industry leaders at his level. His pitbull tactics moved along DoD processes that would otherwise fatally stall projects.

    As a tax payer, I will miss his leadership. Program Managers that moan about his leadership today will beg for him when they hit the first hard roadblock or political challenge. Creating new technologies that change current think is a contact sport–Tether has never been afraid of a little contact.

    Thanks Tony Tether–you have made this country stronger!

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