Embraer slams ‘suspicious payment’ article on Super Tucano sale

The Brazilian magazine Veja (“See”) reports an alleged intrigue by Embraer.

According to the magazine’s blog, Maria Juliana Buendia de La Vega has hired a law firm in Brazil, seeking an $18 million bonus from Embraer for her part in winning a major contract — a 2005 sale to Colombia for 24 Super Tucano fighter/trainers. The blog adds that she claims her role involved financially compensating the Colombian authorities.

Embraer issued a public rebuttal on Saturday. Interestingly, Embraer admits hiring Buendia de La Vega’s late husband — Guillermo Garcia Gil — in 2000 to lobby Bogota officials for the contract. However, Colombia delayed the contract award in June 2002, and Embraer terminated their contract with Gil two months later.

Colombia finally signed the contract “within the scope of a new bidding process” in 2005, two years after Gil had died, according to Embraer. 

Embraer described Veja’s article as a “libelous attack” and defended its “worldwide reputation based on ethical and respectful conduct, and on rigorous integrity with all of the people, companies and governments with which it has relations”. 


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